What to expect during a Brazilian Wax

First time in Brazilian Waxing?

So, What to expect during a Brazilian wax?

What preparations needed to do before going to salon, and what should you do before undergoing brazilian waxing?

Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Here are some tips and advice if you will try brazilian bikini waxing:

1. Do not shave your hair, just trim it. 4mm to 5mm is good.

2. At the salon, do not use alcohol wipes. Use baby wipes instead.

3. Remove clothes from waist down.

4. Wear the G string underwear (provided by the salon)

5. Use the towel to cover your body, and lay down on the bed.

6. Move your legs as needed, you may be required to do the frog position.

Watch this informative brazilian waxing video for complete information.

Bikini Waxing for Beginners : Waxing Tips & Advice

The real deal Brazilian Bikini Waxing for beginners.

Easy to follow and very detailed on how to do brazilian waxing

Brazilian Waxing for Beginners

With Tips and Advice what to do before, during and after performing brazilian wax.

Nice clear voice.

Enjoy watching brazilian waxing video.

Brazillian Wax Step By Step Hair Removal Instructions

When you want to do brazilian bikini waxing at the comfort of your home, here's a detailed brazilian waxing video that also indicates what materials you need and what it does.

There are 2 options on what items to use. Choose what you prefer to have a comfortable brazilian waxing.

Enjoy doing brazilian waxing at home.

Brazilian Waxing Procedures

It's time for a detailed brazilian waxing procedure. Good for those who want to be a brazilian bikini waxer, this will be very useful.

Brazilian Waxing Simple Procedure
And for those who wants to undergo brazilian bikini waxing, might as well watch this so you know what will be performed by your brazilian waxer and what to expect during your brazilian waxing session.

Enjoy watching this brazilian waxing video.

FULL Brazilian Sugaring Professional Training | 11 Minute Brazilian Wax ...

Another full brazilian waxing video training.

Brazilian Bikini Waxing
This is very useful training for those who want to be a Brazilian Sugaring Professional.

Very detailed and proper hygiene were observed.

Just be aware that this brazilian waxing video contains nudity as this is removal of hair from the bikini area, so please make sure that no minor is watching before you play the video.

Self Brazilian Wax

Shy having brazilian bikini waxing done by professional waxer?

Then you need to know how to do Self Brazilian Wax.
Self Brazilian Bikini Waxing
Watch this brazilian waxing video demo, quite detailed how to do it the right way.

Brazilian Wax to bikini area (Adults only)

Another amazing brazilian bikini waxing video.  Please be careful on watching this educational video, it contains nudity but is needed to properly show how brazilian waxing is done on the bikini area.

Brazilian Bikini Waxing Video
Enjoy watching this amazing brazilian waxing video.

(ADULTS ONLY!) Bikini and Brazilian Waxing Demo Training

A clear demo video of how brazilian waxing is done.  Perfect for those who want to do brazilian waxing on their own.
Brazilian Bikini Waxing
This brazilian waxing video is for Adults Only.

For advance training class about brazilian waxing, you can visit WaxTraining.com
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